A Note from our President:

Apollo Sunguard is the second oldest shade structure manufacturer in the United States and the oldest privately-owned. In 1997, we were accredited as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business that has allowed us to provide solar and ultraviolet (UV) protection for Federal facilities and personnel.  As a Veteran of the United States Army with multiple tours in Vietnam, I know firsthand how important it is to have reliable, quality equipment and timely support.

Apollo Sunguard has held a GSA contract (GS-07F-0320N) since 2003. By purchasing from Apollo Sunguard, you are ensured that you are getting the greatest value, as you are dealing with a GSA-approved company with GSA-negotiated prices. In 2012, we were awarded a second contract (GS-30F-0029Y) for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. We are proud to be a ChargePoint Premier Partner and offer their state-of-the-art charging stations that use cutting edge technology! As a Veteran, I have significant pride in providing superior products and service to my Government.


The passing of the PL-108-183 Veteran Benefit Act of 2003 and our classification as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, in addition to our extensive experience working with the federal government, positions Apollo Sunguard to be the vendor of choice for all the government’s fabric shade structure needs.

We supply GSA-approved fabric shade structures for government and military installations worldwide. Morale, Wellness and Recreation (MWR) military departments use our shade structures to provide shade for various areas of the military base to offer sun safety and cool comfort to their military communities. Child Development Centers (CDC) use our shade structures to protect our military’s children. Our shade structures meet the stringent child safety and child development requirements by the Military by providing adequate playground shade to protect children from the harsh sunlight, reducing the risk of skin cancer by blocking harmful UV rays of the sun.

Our shade structures serve a multitude of uses on government sites and military bases including shading:

  • athletic and sports areas
  • exercise and training areas
  • military equipment
  • outdoor maintenance areas
  • parking and fleet vehicles
  • playgrounds and recreation areas

Apollo Sunguard has provided shade for a wide range of Federal Agencies throughout the years. Below is a partial list:

  • of Veteran Affairs (VA)
  • of State (Stateside and abroad)
  • of Defense (Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force; stateside and abroad)
  • Government Services Administration (GSA)
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG)
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS)

At Apollo Sunguard we manufacture superior engineered shade structures, constructed from quality materials. We care about our products and their performance, and for those we and our products serve. We manufacture all our own products in the USA and have the strongest industry warranty. We strive to always offer the greatest value…in terms of price, performance and durability.

GSA Contract #:
MAS Schedule:

192-37I – Parks & Playground Equipment
314910 – Awnings and Canopies


As a ChargePoint Premier Partner, Apollo has sold and distributed EV charging stations nationwide.  Our GSA contract allows us to sell ChargePoint EV stations, network plans and EV accessories to Federal Agencies. Our excellence in customer service combined with ChargePoint’s extensive knowledge provides our customers with the strongest support and technology available.

In February 2017, Apollo Sunguard was awarded our 2nd Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) BPA GS-30F-GA082 by GSA Fleet. Apollo is 1 of only 2 vendors awarded a BPA for sales of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the sole awardee for Ancillary EVSE data services. This current BPA is available for all GSA Fleet leasing and purchasing customers to utilize for their EVSE and data needs.

We are proud to offer ChargePoint charging stations because they use cutting-edge technology and have been rigorously tested to be safe and reliable. ChargePoint stations are driver-friendly, offering a premium charging experience; ChargePoint offers the largest and most open EV charging network in the world!

Our first BPA award in 2014 allowed us to be a part of a pilot program through the GSA. The success of this program allowed charging stations to be delivered to a diverse group of Federal agencies. Some of the agencies that benefitted from the pilot program include:

  • Argonne National Laboratory (ANLE)
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Department of Army (DA)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Marine Corp. (USMC)
  • NASA
  • USMC Motor Transport
  • US Census Bureau
  • US Coast Guard Academy

GSA Contract #:      GS-30F-0029Y
BPA Number #:       BPA number GS-30FGA082
MAS Schedule:        23V
SIN:                              271 113 – Ancillary Supplies
SIN:                              272 105 – New Technologies