Apollo Sunguard Outdoor Shade Canopy | X-11-Eclipse-4Apollo Sunguard’s cable and turn buckle shade canopies feature an innovative knotting system that simplifies removal.

Our commercial canopies can be removed in less than three minutes with no tools required and replaced just as easily.

Canopy removal can be accomplished with only two people.

Scroll down to read Apollo Sunguard’s canopy removal instructions.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is:

Easy Canopy Removal Instructions:

We begin at opposite corners by opening the velcro pockets and loosening the turn buckles. At least one of the turn buckles must be released completely.

Then we release the cable and the fabric pin at the end of each corner. Note that our long lasting cables are not coated because coating can degrade once exposed to sun’s UV rays. Once the fabric is released it can slide off easily. Be careful not to snag the fabric when removing or replacing the shade canopy.

Note that there is no need to remove the cable unless the canopy cover will need to be folded for winter storage.

Easy Apollo Sunguard Canopy Replacement

To replace the canopy, begin by tossing a 50-foot rope over the top of the shade structure. Then tie a slip knot over one corner of the fabric. A secure knot makes it easy to pull the sun canopy back into position.

Slide the knot back to the reinforcing hoops so that the holes of the pins are exposed. This will make it easier to secure the corner when the shade canopy is stretched tight with the rope. Repeat this step on the adjacent corner.

Next, pull the cover over the shade structure, again, taking care to avoid snags. Then secure the ropes to prevent the canopy cover from sliding back off. One person should pull the fabric taut using the rope in a tugging action while the other person secures the corner.

Once the four corners are in place, simply reattach any open turn buckles and tighten. Then close the velcro covers and you’re done.

For the production of this video, our team performed complete removal and replacement of the sun canopy in less than ten minutes.

Ease of use combined with 97% protection from UV rays, a twelve-year warranty, and innovative designs make Apollo Sunguard the perfect fit for your outdoor shade structure needs.