parents alert

Morgan Family Center Playground, Northport, FL

“The difference in the temperature today between the green slide on the large playground under our shade and the green slide on the small playground still in the sun was 91 degrees versus 156 degrees.” – Jeff Olsen


Fresh air and exercise are essential to the healthy development of young children – in order for children to safely enjoy the outdoors; they must avoid overexposure to the sun. Parents have become alert to the dangers of UV rays and are expecting solar protection for their children.


Apollo Shade Structures™ have the unique ability to provide effective shade over the heart of any playground – small or large. Additionally, the breathable fabric provides shade that is up to 20 degrees cooler underneath. This keeps sun from heating play surfaces that can often become hot enough to burn tender skin.

Apollo Shade Structures™ allow children to have lots of outdoor fun and healthful exercise. Our Play in the Shade products are ideal for playground equipment, sandboxes, play areas…anywhere shade is needed to protect children.