Sun Safety for Dogs

Are you asking yourself, “When will the dog days of summer end”? It is hot outside and there is no end in sight. You’re hot. Your family is hot. You’ve taken all the precautionary sun safety measures to safely enjoy your outdoor activities. Now what about your pooch? The normal body temperature for a dog ranges between 101ºF and 102.5ºF. Factor in their normal body temperature and a hot sunny day, they must be sweltering! Sun Safety is just as important for dogs as it is for their humans.

We have seen a growing trend in shade structures for dogs. From shading animal shelters to doggy day cares and even restaurants just for pets! Even though the shade styles vary, they pooch’s health is the main concern. While their fur protects them, dogs can still get a sun burn. Have you heard of SunSmart’s Slip(on a shirt) Slop (on sunscreen) Slap (on a hat) Seek (shade) Slide (on sunglasses) campaign? This also applies to your pup. Ensure you and your pup are protected.

Check out some of our shade projects for pups!


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